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(Before November 6th, 2014 at http://my2.ewb.ca/apply/applications/)

We spark and accelerate systemic innovations in Canada and Africa that have the potential to radically disrupt the systems that allow poverty to persist. We don’t distribute seeds; we work with small businesses to help them provide the tools and information that farmers need to prosper. We don’t teach engineering courses; we work with engineering faculties and professional associations to change the face of engineering itself. It’s about people working with people to create lasting, scalable change that unlocks human potential. We call it intelligent development. EWB’s Junior Fellowships are the first step in the leadership pipeline of our change system. EWB invests in Ventures working in 5 portfolio areas: small and growing businesses that drive social good, adaptive public services that are responsive to citizens’ needs, food systems that are resilient and support livelihoods, engineering leadership for the 21st century, and socially responsible mining. A Junior Fellowship placement can take place in Canada or Africa.

The Junior Fellowship program is not your average internship. It is 18 months of leadership through experience in which you will be challenged to learn, unlearn, challenge back and create change. From the day you’re hired, you become part of a network of young Canadians who dream big, work hard, and believe that systemic change is possible. We invest in you through leadership coaching, strategic preparation for your placement, and continuous mentorship. We challenge you and support you to reach your full potential. The Junior Fellowship program has been a transformational experience for many past participants. As a Junior Fellow, you’ll become a short-term team member with one of EWB’s Ventures in Canada or in Africa, or with one of EWB’s Incubator teams in Toronto. You could be working with a District Water Office in Malawi to assist in implementing low- cost, high-impact water point operations and maintenance systems, or with the Pivot Fellowship in Toronto coordinating learning exchanges for social intrapreneurs across Canada. Your work will be tied to a larger strategy and your experiences and learning will influence the program's future direction. You will have a specific role to deliver on with significant opportunity for professional and personal growth through the experience.

The Junior Fellowship Program is comprised of 3 components:

1) Pre-placement Preparation

Prior to the work component of the placement, Junior Fellows work through 5-months of personal and placement-based preparation to develop the necessary background skills and knowledge in development, systems-thinking, social justice and Venture strategy through the Junior Fellowship Foundation Learning curriculum. During this time, all Junior Fellows will be invited to the EWB National Conference in Montreal in January 2015 where they will have the opportunity to learn more about EWB’s portfolio areas and network with Venture and Incubator staff. Pre-placement preparation finishes off with a one-week, group-based learning session for all Fellows. 

2) Venture Placement

From May to August 2014, Fellows will carry out their work assignment with management and support from EWB’s Venture/Incubator Staff. EWB believes that continuous investment in the Junior Fellows throughout the summer will allow them to contribute effectively to the Venture’s systemic change. As such, each Junior Fellow will be matched with a manager and will attend retreats to support the Junior Fellow through the experience. 

3) Chapter Leadership

Upon completion of the work assignment at the end of August, Junior Fellows are expected to go forth to take on leadership roles at their local university chapter. They’ll share their learning about the complexity of development and of creating systemic change, and invest in chapter members and future Fellows to develop their understanding on the change-making process.

Selection Criteria 

Some of the characteristics we look for in Junior Fellows include prior professional experience (but not a must), problem solving skills, maturity, humility, and excellent teamwork skills. Junior Fellows need to be independent workers, flexible, resilient and entrepreneurial, and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to learning. 
Candidates must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident; returning to school for a minimum of 2 semesters after their placement and willing to take on a leadership role in their chapter; available to volunteer for the entire period of the summer portion of the placement (aprx. May 1 to August 31); at least 18 years of age at the time of application; and available to attend the EWB National Conference in January. 

EWB strongly encourages candidates to apply from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds. Positions are not restricted to engineering students!!

Selection Process

The selection process is a multi-stage process conducted by a Chapter selection committee and members of the EWB Venture and Incubator teams.

• Applications are due November 6th

• A Chapter selection committee will review applications and conduct round 1 interviews by December 1st

• Selection committees will Pre-Select Junior Fellows from their Chapter. These Pre-Selected Junior Fellows will be invited to attend EWB’s National Conference and to begin our Foundational Learning curriculum.

• Pre-Selected Junior Fellows will then apply for their preferred, specific positions as prepared by EWB’s Venture and Incubator teams by mid-January 2015. These teams will then review candidates for their roles among the Pre-Selected Junior Fellows and conduct round 2 interviews and offer positions by early-February 2015. Pre-selected Junior Fellows may be interviewed for multiple roles and, if offered more than one role, will select the role of greatest interest to them.

***Note there is a chance that a Pre-Selected Junior Fellow may ultimately not receive an offer for any position. To be a Pre-Selected Junior Fellow alone offers the professional development opportunities of attending the EWB National Conference and participating in the Foundation Learning curriculum – we will provide feedback to any Pre-Selected Junior Fellow that does not receive a placement offer to support them in their next steps of their leadership journey. ***

If this sounds like an oppourtunity that you would be interested in please contact this year's Return Junior Fellow (RJF) Brittany Lee at blee06@mail.uoguelph.ca or brittanylee@ewb.ca. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, clarifications or criticisms.

Applications for the 2014-2015 Junior Fellowship Program will be available online on October 15th at:  http://my2.ewb.ca/apply/applications/ and are DUE November 6th at 11:59 pm EST.

Make sure you open the appropriate application for the University of Guelph Chapter.

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