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Executive Summary

Engineers Without Borders is a volunteer based charity that works in 4 African countries and in Canada to eliminate poverty from the ground up. Through a network of nearly 50,000 members consisting of students, professionals and staff we work together to create positive social change. EWB at Guelph is a student run chapter that works to create social change leaders on campus. Through workshops, advocacy programs and fundraising initiatives students are given the opportunity to develop essential skills to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The vision for Guelph EWB in 2012-2013 is further developing programs impacting the communities of the university and city. Teams within Guelph EWB lead programs targeting a variety of initiatives such as Fair Trade, Advocacy, Global Engineering, and Youth Engagement. As a nationwide organisation, Engineers Without Boarders has a valuable support system between the various chapters. National Conference is an empowering gathering of the social change leaders of EWB. The Conference optimizes building and sustaining important networking connections, as well as facilitating innovative discussions.

Financial support is crucial in sustaining programs and providing opportunities to our members that allow them to develop into leaders. Engineers Without Boarders’ National Conference is a valuable experience that impacts not only the lives of those who attended, but the people they in turn will inspire.

2014 Summary

Engineers Without Borders is a movement of professionals, students and supporters from across Canada who believe that rural Africans should have the same opportunities as Canadians. EWB’s African programs work with local people to find unique solutions to problems facing average citizens. The University of Guelph EWB chapter is committed to developing social change leaders who address the root causes of poverty, through initiatives in-Canada, and in-Africa. The Guelph chapter is very active with many successful events this year, such as the Fair Trade Fair, and our high school outreach presentations.

Receiving sponsorship will help the Guelph EWB chapter to further develop programs that target global issues and promote social change. Selected members will be given opportunities to attend events such as National Conference and an overseas volunteering placement. These are huge opportunities for students who will be able to discuss social change, attend challenging workshops and learn the skills necessary to make a difference in Canada and in Africa. As a part of the university and of the city of Guelph, Guelph EWB strives to educate and motivate both EWB members and the members of the community to enable to greatest positive impact on Guelph as a whole.

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Engineers Without Borders Guelph

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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is a movement of professional engineers, students, overseas volunteer staff, and supporters across Canada. Together, we are almost 50,000 strong. We believe that the next generation of rural Africans should have the same opportunities to improve their lives, that we have right here at home.

To help make this a reality, our members and volunteers apply all the creativity, technical skills and problem-solving approach for which engineers are known.

In Africa, our committed and innovative volunteers work in partnership with local organizations and communities – combining our knowledge and experience to find unique solutions and devise innovative ways to apply them. Our work is focused on enabling rural Africans the opportunity to access clean water, generate an income from humble farms, and access critical infrastructure and services.

At home, EWB is leveraging our network of 34 professional and student chapters to create lasting change across Canada. We engage Canadians, our government, companies, and universities on a widespread scale, to build their connections to Africa and make choices that better promote and contribute to human development.


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